Calling All Navy Wives…


p964000401-4image taken from Sarah Ashley Photography, via Google.


I’m a brand new Navy wife. Almost. I’m not too sure about when someone actually becomes a Navy wife, but my husband is leaving for boot camp. He has been working hard for over a year for a specific position with the Navy (also not sure about protocol with saying what your husband does…so I will leave that out).

I am filled with SO. MANY. EMOTIONS. I don’t want my husband to see me upset, or anxious, or nervous about this new chapter in our lives. But as each day passes, my anxiety is growing. I am 6 months pregnant, a newlywed–and clueless! Since we met, my husband and I have spent one night apart. Just one. We are about to spend the next few months apart, with no communication (besides snail mail!) for the first two months.

I am hoping this post will reach other military wives, whether it be in the Navy or not. I am so curious about how others have handled the first big separation. Marrying someone already committed to the Navy was a huge jump. I crave stability, I am a planner, I am needy! These traits won’t work as a military spouse, that much I know. I hope the next few months will prepare and strengthen me for the trials of my husbands career. I am excited for this journey, but with that comes so much of the unknown.

If you have any advice for me, please comment or e-mail. I would love to connect with other military spouses, current or former. I am excited to learn and hear about your journey’s! xo


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