How I Got Pregnant With One Try


If there was an award for the worst blogger, I may win! I have thought so much about coming back and writing a blog post, but life has gotten in the way EVERY TIME.

The life I’m talking about is my pregnancy! I am almost 6 months pregnant, surprise! My husband and I have made a beautiful baby boy. A lot of people have asked me how I got pregnant so fast. I won’t lie–I thought this would take me months. I read healthy couples can take up to a year to conceive. I’m not an expert, but I wanted to share my tips with other hopeful mommies-to-be. We decided to start trying right after our wedding, what better time than a honeymoon! Here’s what worked for me in the process.

(This is not medical advice, I am clearly not a doctor! I could have conceived because of these steps I took, or because I got lucky. This advice is not meant to make light of those couples who have struggled with infertility, for some it is just not this simple.)

1.5 Months before trying to conceive:

  • No caffeine. Seriously. I skipped my daily coffee, tea and anything else with caffeine. There isn’t too much research on caffeine in pregnancy (or even while trying to get pregnant), but in early pregnancy it really isn’t recommended. Skipping my daily coffee made my body adjust to staying awake and alert on it’s own–another perk!
  • 8 hours of sleep a night (minimum). I am a huge sleeper. I can sleep for 1o hours a night and still take a nap during the day. While I was working full time in the corporate world, I wasn’t really paying attention to how much sleep I was getting. When I decided to try for a baby, I made sleeping well a priority.
  • No alcohol. Okay, I hope you are still with me here. This one was tough. Who doesn’t love grabbing drinks after work or on the weekends? Grabbing drinks was a big part of my social life. Asking for a water at happy hour didn’t make me too popular with my friends, but it’s a choice I’m glad I made.
  • No stress. This one is hard, if not impossible. Life is stressful. I focused on eliminating major stresses from my life. My job was sucking the life out of me each day. I was stressed to the point where I was getting a migraine just walking into the office. Luckily, I had the means to quit my job. I think this is truly what helped me the most. When I got pregnant, I was on a romantic vacation with my husband. Talk about stress free!
  • Having sex every day up to and following ovulation. This one is up for debate, but it’s what worked for me. Surprisingly, making a schedule to have sex that often was exhausting. It definitely put some pressure on me and hubby and took a little bit of fun out of sex. If I were to try to conceive again, I would put less pressure on this. If you have no idea about when you ovulate, try downloading an app on your phone. It can give you an estimation, but it is not exact. I used the app “Glow” for women.
  • Reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler. This is actually how I knew I was pregnant. I sat down one day in Barnes and Noble and read this book. When I finished, I realized I had done everything it suggested. I ran to the store immediately after and bought a test. That was my first positive! This book breaks down the process of conceiving. It lays out your ovulation days and how to make sure to to take advantage of them.

And that’s it! If you’re still with me here, I totally understand this is all a bit much. I was determined to get pregnant. I recommended this to a friend, who was successful within two months of trying. Everyone is different and I hope your time to be a mommy comes soon, if that is what you are hoping for. xo




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