How To Guarantee A Second Date

Cheerful couple in a restaurant with glasses of red wine

The biggest question I am always asked is why didn’t he call me back? 

“We had so much fun!”
“He asked me out again at the end of dinner but won’t text back!”
“He kissed me goodbye!”
“He was active on Tinder 20 minutes ago but has ignored all 34 of my texts!”

The answer is simple:

a guy who is interested in you will call you back. 

Read that again.

I find that women look for any excuse to contact a guy after a date. Even if we weren’t feeling any chemistry, we want to make sure they are interested. We hang on to empty texts and plans that never get followed through on, just to have a back up plan or stroke our ego. Instead of being real with ourselves and admitting, maybe we weren’t feeling that guy too much either.

I asked 10 women, all in relationships, what was the difference between the dates they had been on and the date they went on with their current significant other. All women said the same thing, they didn’t have to chase the guy. He followed up soon after the first date and suggested another time they meet, and he attended that date as well. Many men will offer a second date, but few will follow through.

So how can you guarantee yourself a second date?

You can’t! But what you can do is easy:
Be yourself. Enjoy the date without thinking about what tomorrow may bring. Laugh about the awkwardness of a first date, enjoy some great food and relax. Get to know the person you are with and decide if YOU are even interested in them, before you worry about your plans next Saturday.

The person you are meant to be with will never need to be chased.


I’d love to hear your thoughts! How do you decide if you’re interested in a second date? Have you ever turned down a second date offer? What did your significant other do differently than the other men you have dated? Share in the comments!



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